WhatsApp for PC: Why You Should Get Yours Todays

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is compatible with several platforms and not just Android phones. You can use WhatsApp on a Motorola, Nokia, Black Berry, Windows Phone, or even an Apple smartphone. If perhaps you are an Android smartphone user, you can get a copy of WhatsApp for PC and use the application on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Minimum specifications required
  • Runs on the latest version
  • Configurable settings
  • International Calls free of charge
  • Seamless integration with the phone book

See you at the meeting!

You can enjoy using this messaging application anywhere, anytime and never be out of reach. You can also join a group chat where you can broadcast messages to your friends and family, follow events and conversation on your favorite smartphone device

  • Launch WhatsApp on your Mobile or PC
  • Open the Chat window
  • Click on new group
  • Open a topic or subject for discussion
  • Add participants to your new group
  • Tap Create
  • Get ready for the messages coming your way from your group members

Great news for Facebook fans

Facebook recently acquired the messaging application – WhatsApp, thus increase in user base. Though the social network service has its own customized messaging feature, having integrated WhatsApp to their service, it is just another way to keep its user connected. Furthermore, you can share videos, picture and voice notes without leaving the application. You do not any account when you are using WhatsApp. All that is required is you inputting your mobile number and having it verified, then you can use the application similar to your regular text messaging service.

We encounter new application at the Google Play Store that we are eager to try out. Other than that, there is the conventional upgrade that every smartphone user looks forward to when it comes to their favorite applications. Whichever the case may be, it is a smarter choice to opt for WhatsApp for PC and have the same information at the convenience of your computer as you would with your smartphones at any time. This is an ideal choice for an individual that is stuck in front of the computer screen most times, most especially while at work.