Tips on How to Begin Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube affiliate marketing is possibly the quickest and easiest way of ensuring that your affiliate websites get traffic streams that are consistent. When you market other people’s products, what you require is a quality YouTube channel. The aim of this article is to share with you some tips on how to begin affiliate marketing video-based products on YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube 101

The assumption here is that your affiliate websites and products are setup and ready, so all you now need to do is create your own branded YouTube channel. Follow these steps;

  1. Consistent branding: ensure that your channel cover, profile image, affiliated channels, layout, and the actual videos all serve as some form of promotion for your company.
  1. At the start, add a minimum of 10 videos to your channel. When people land on your channel to find only one video, it would turn them off and they’d never come back. Your target is that they click on the subscribe button as soon as they arrive.

Making Your Videos

It’s important that you have a strategy in place for your first 10 videos. This will be the backbone for your YouTube channel. For instance, if you sell books, you can break your channel into 3 types of video, such as reviews, hangouts, and summaries.

This type of structure allows the affiliate marketer to begin affiliate marketing by creating optimized reviews at the start based on the types of book products they are marketing. The video at this stage will be focused on talking about the book and giving a review of it, based on their knowledge.

You can follow up with a couple of summaries that you’ve read which can be condensed into a video of about 5 minutes long. This is usually popular with readers, students, bloggers, and book industry professionals.

The last type of video, known as Hangouts, will be done through Google+. This involves the affiliate marketer taking a product and hosting a discussion with a number of other bloggers, around whether it’s worth buying the product. This gives the viewers some pointers as to whether they should buy the product or not.