Reviews of the Best Truck Tool Boxes in 2017

There are different kinds of truck tool boxes that can be acquired and it is important you are aware of the fact that they come with different features, fabricated with different materials, come in different sizes etc. To assist you in choosing, we have invested time to do some truck tool box reviews, covering the best truck tool boxes available in the market. Below you will find the different truck tool boxes, take a closer look and see which is capable of meeting your needs and requirements.

Dee Zee 6535P

The Dee Zee 6535P is a uniquely designed toolbox that has sufficient space of about 3.6 cubic feet. In the light of its build quality, the Dee Zee 6535P was fabricated from highly reliable and durable poly plastic and it has a rectangular form of design that is similar to a chest design. The storage box is not just designed in a rugged fashion; it is also durable as well.

Unlike other truck tool boxes in the market, the Dee ZEE 6535P was designed to resist warping effortlessly. It has a double walled lid, meaning that even if excess pressure is exerted on it, it will be strong enough to withstand it. If you look inside the box, you will find two recessed portions, two cup holders and sufficient space for the storage of your tools and equipment.

Undercover SC400D Storage Box

If perhaps you are fed up with having your tool lie around the cab of your truck or your truck bed, you should consider acquiring the SC400D storage box for your truck. One of the features that are appreciated about the Sc400D is its portability, easy to be removed and the swingable storage toolbox. It can be installed easily to the truck’s side in a question of minutes by utilizing the self-tapping tool that comes with it. The SC400D can hold up to 5 lbs. of tools and equipment. In addition, cup holders are incorporated into the box.