Below is a list of resources, which you may be able to find useful. You could check out one of the resources below if you need to get more information about the Milkymist One products or other software associated with it. You should also be able to find more information about the hardware itself if you check out the many different links of this resource page. You should be able to find a lot of useful details that can actually aid in your use or repair of your Milkymist One device.

Join our IRC community!

We have got an IRC channel that you can go on if you want to chat with us. Just visit the IRC support channel for Milkymist. You should be able to talk with other VJ enthusiasts and Milkymist One owners on that IRC channel as well. And you may also find us on that channel if you wish to communicate with us.

Sign up for our mailing list:

There is also a mailing list option that you can subscribe to if you wish to get regular updates on various Milkymist products. Do not hesitate to enter your email for our mailing list. You should be able to get the latest news on whatever developments may be in store for future Milkymist products and software. The emails that you will receive may even include requests from the developers themselves, so you can also become part of the development of Milkymist as well. You may be tasked with bug reporting, patch update compatibility, and a whole lot more. You will be able to indirectly contribute to the development of Milkymist if you sign up for our mailing list. The mailing list is maintained by a single person. So you should contact that person if you have got any specific requests, or wish to contribute to the newsletter more directly.

Wiki page:

We also have got a wiki that you can check out if you need more information about the device itself, or the peripheral components that it has. You can visit the Wiki page for Milkymist at the wiki section of this website. On that section, you may find the frequently answered questions page. And you may even be able to read about the development roadmap of the Milkymist device itself on the wiki as well.

Ports for the Milkymist:

The Milkymist device supports multiple ports. And you will be able to make use of the Xilinx 401, as one of the supported ports of the Milkymist. The MilkymistSoC also has got a Virtex-4 development board, which has been used since the prototyping stage of the device. Aside from those two ports, the device also has got FPGA ports which are also supported by Virtex-4 as well. The Milkymist also supports VGA output for analog devices. And it has got one CF card Slot. The Milkymist device also features a number of different buttons, parallel flashes, LED lights, and it also has got one LCD screen as well.