MilkyMist One

The product that we have is the Milkymist One. It is a hardware product that uses open source technologies. And it is for VJs or any video jockey enthusiasts to try out. It uses powerful processing hardware that connects with a video projection setup. And all of that technology and features are packed into one small and portable box that you can easily carry around. The Milkymist one also has got a lot of ports, interfaces, and compatibilities. It has got analog video input, Ethernet cable connections, MIDI, DMX512, Digital I/O connections, Open Sound Control. All of those tools make it really easy to control the Milkymist one. And it is even easier to interact with your video projections if you are doing live VJ shows. If you are an electronics and VJ enthusiast, then the Milkymist One platform is a must have for you.

The Milkymist One has got a lot of features that you can get if you purchase it. It has got PAL, NTSC, and SECAM video input that can follow multiple standards. It has got two ports which are DMX512 compatible. And it even features two in and out MIDI ports as well, along you to connect and use high-quality audio files with our product. The Milkymist One also has got 128MB local SDRAM, making it a fast and responsive device. And it even supports open source FPGA. When you purchase our product, you will also be able to get a Memory card that comes with your purchase. And there are also a bunch of cables and connectors that you can get along with your purchase as well. Inside of our package, you will be able to get an infrared receiver which is RC5 compatible and two USB host connections as well.

Our product is a powerful device that you can use to create some stunning effects for any live VJ shows that you are planning. If you are a VJ at a party, you can make use of theĀ  Milkymist One to create some stunning and interactive light and sound shows. This could be especially useful during live musical shows, as you are able to wow the crowd that is watching you with really complex and interactive light effects along with your live VJ performance. It can really add another layer to your performance if you have got a Milkymist One device with you on-stage.

There are endless possibilities that you can have with the Milkymist One. This is because controlling and using it, is actually pretty simple. You can use MIDI keyboards to interface with our product because it supports connections from those kinds of inputs. You may even use computer keyboards that use USB connections as well. And you may even use your smartphone too, as long it has an app like TouchOSC. This application can allow your mobile device to interact with the visual performance of the Milkymist One. The device also has got numerous sensory interfaces that you can make use of if you would like to make it easier to control. Overall, there are a lot of options that you can choose to use with the Milkymist One.