Flickernoise Application

Flickernoise is our VJ application that is made for our Milkymist One device. It has got a user-friendly interface that should make it very easy to use for anyone that wants to interact or control the Milkymist One. Our VJ application is optimized to be as easy to use as possible. So even if you do not know a lot of computer languages or programming, you should still be able to make use of our devices, through the Flickernoise application, rather easily. You would find that our Flickernoise application can render visual effects without a problem. And that you are also able to use it with no trouble as well.

The application itself can render visual effects through hardware acceleration. The effects that are rendered through hardware-accelerated graphics are very similar to that of MilkDrop 1.x. So you will be able to get similar visual effects projected, such as that of the audiovisual effects for Winamp, or any other kind of music playing platform. You can create a number of different visual patches with Flickernoise as well. If you have got a connection that can interface with the Milkymist One, you should be able to patch new visual effects using Flickernoise rather easily. You can create new visual effects such as allowing the light effects being projected, to be able to interact with new MIDI events or new sounds that are played. Using Flickernoise, you will be able to create some really stunning and live images that will change all of the time according to your VJ performance.

Flickernoise uses a source code that is covered by the version 3 license of the GNU GPL. You can easily find this open source code if you would like by going to Github. So you can download the source code itself and modify it however you want with your own Milkymist device. Just check out the download sources of our releases for the tarballs. You will be able to check out build instructions along with the release notes of our tarballs as well. This will allow you to modify the code of Flickernoise yourself if you desire. The easiest method to modify the binaries of the Flickernoise application is to just use the update feature of your Milkymist One since it will automatically do it for you.

Source code

Flickernoise also comes with a bunch of other operating systems and files as well. If you would like to know the specific kinds of files that Flickernoise uses, you should read one. Here are the various data files that Flickernoise uses. There is an RTEMS operating system that is modified to work in real-time. The flickernoise application also has got a YAFFS flash file system that has been modified as well. The font system of the Flickernoise also uses a free type system to render the font. Image decompression files include lib.png and open.jpeg in its libraries. For the Open Sound Control interface, there is a variation of various software such as Genode FX GUI.