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You should buy our kit. In it, you will be able to receive the following. You are able to get the video synthesizer for our Milkymist product. And in the VJ product kit that you will receive you also get a CVBS mini-camera that comes pre-packaged with the kit. You will also receive numerous other cables and connections, such as a cable for RCA video and minijack-RCA audio cables as well. Another cable that you will receive is a meter long Ethernet cable. The power supplies of the video synthesizer will also come with the package as well. You will get two power supplies, 5V, and 12 V, for the Milkymist One and the camera respectively. The kit will also include a USB keyboard made out of silicone so that you can interface with the Milkymist One easily.

Creating a video entertainment system with the Milkymist One should be a breeze. You will not even need to attach a computer to our cameras or devices. You will just need to connect the video project to the camera together and then you can power it on. And in just a few moments your video recording will have psychedelic effects that will be added to it, and you can then use this video recording to project light and sound wherever you are pointing it. You could have a live dance on a stage somewhere, and you can simply use the Milkymist One kit setup to add a psychedelic effect of light or color along with the dancer. The Milkymist One is also perfect to use at parties, especially if you plan to use glowing paint as part of your decorations. Whatever you want to use the Milkymist One for, you are able to do so, your only limit will be the creativity of your imagination.

Even if you do not have a camera setup with you, there is still a lot you can do with the Milkymist One. You can generate a lot of cool light effects that can change depending on the ambient sound in the environment. And that feature alone can be it an indispensable tool to have for live musical shows, such as when bands are playing on stage. DJs especially are able to make use of the Milkymist One a lot if you are thinking about which kind of video camera set up would be best for you. With this device, you are able to create a lot of amazing video projection effects along with your performance on stage.

If you are a VJ you will love the endless possibilities that you can have with the Milkymist One. We also sell a bunch of other related products such as the Flickernoise Patching language. Getting this will enable you to produce really unique shows that show off your creativity, and you will not even need to have a lot of experience with computer programming or languages as well. You can just be as creative as you want if you have got the Milkymist one with you.