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Our video synthesizer is easy to install and includes everything in one small box. You can connect a video camera ad project to it. Then just press the power button to get started. A few seconds later whatever you film will have a psychedelic effect of light and color. For example, at a party, you can use UV-glow paint to create interesting effects.

Our product’s System on a Chip (SoC) is one of the top open source embedded processors on the market today that contains accelerate graphics. Meanwhile, our VJ station is an excellent tool for visual synthesis that functions as a VJ station that’s a turnkey solution.

Our company’s open-hardware product is a small box and focuses all processing power and interfaces of an interactive VJ system. The unit contains a one-of-a-kind built-in interface including Ethernet, analog video input generic digital I/O, and others. This provides you with all the tools required to build a performance that’s truly interactive.

Our SoC is innovative in the open source space. Several of today’s hardware projects are based on a one-system and closed processor. However, our system includes an embedded processor. Its design files area 100% open source and free.

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Not only that but our system also includes VJ-friendly software that built to operate seamlessly on the system. The unit provides a graphical tool that gives users the ability to build, set-=up and run a particular visual performance. It was inspired by the company’s visualization plug-in created for Winamp.

You can purchase all of our company’s products directly from the website. This provides extra convenience because you can read about the details involving our products and purchase them all on the same site. It’s definitely a key feature for other companies that don’t provide that feature.

A key feature of our products is that they’re standalone products that do not require a computer to operate. This is one of the main benefits since the cost of entire computer systems can be quite expensive. However, one of the main goals of our products is to provide the user with a system that can function without the need for other equipment. That can be quite a hassle in terms of the costs, setup, and so on. There are several benefits of our products including the following:

Standalone unit

Our video synthesizer can create various visual effects without the need of camera input. The unit uses video pattern generators that are built into the system. It also doesn’t require a computer system. The standalone video synthesizer is a good option if you want to produce amazing effects without the use of other equipment.

Today companies are looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of their products. One of the most practical methods is by using standalone video equipment such as a video synthesizer. The cost of a video camera and CPU, for example, can be quite high. That’s why it’s a plus when you can create visual effects using our box, without the need for other equipment.

Small Box

This is a key feature of the unit. It allows more versatility since the box can be transported anywhere. The portability factor is one of the keys because the unit can be set up and operated just about everywhere. This is a plus over other systems that are limited by their size or configuration.

Our company has spent years developing this video synthesizer. One of the main goals was to build a system that was both powerful and portable. We even conducted surveys to determine which features our customers wanted in the unit. So the product is the result of several years of R&D that resulted in a small box with all the bells and whistles our customers asked for.

Open Source

This is one of the main features of our system. Open source infrastructures are one of the biggest trends today. We fully support such systems and it explains why our built-in processor is open-source. We don’t want to give our users any limits to their creations. That’s why we’ve developed our particular system.

On the other hand, our system is still powerful enough to give VJs and others the tools they need to create a performance that’s totally interactive. That’s the main reason we’ve decided to keep our products open-source. It provides our customers with the tools needed for creative performances. That’s definitely one of the key benefits of our product.

Open Source

Software that’s user-friendly is one of the main goals of our company. We’ve taken steps to make our product’s software as user-friendly as possible. This will, in turn, give them the tools needed for creating amazing VJ performances.

The approach of our company is that video synthesizers shouldn’t just be powerful and versatile. They should also be easy to use. It’s why we’ve focused on our versatile box being as user-friendly as possible.

The output video signal can be seen on several pieces of video equipment. That includes theater video projectors, TV monitors, and computer displays. This is another way that our products provide versatility. It allows the user to view the video synthesizer’s output using several pieces of equipment. That’s definitely a plus over other options that have more limits.

As a VJ one of the keys to your success is being spontaneous at various events you host. That’s one of the benefits our video synthesizer can offer. Besides not requiring any heavy equipment to operate, you can instantly start using it to create fantastic effects at an event.

Using our unit you can create just about any special effects you want to. It’s just a matter of figuring out the particular effects you want to create, then using the small box to produce them. If you’re in the market for a video synthesizer you should certainly consider our company’s product.

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Why You Should Try Out Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

A lot of people these days are trying to go the healthy route. Since this does not only mean eating well but also including the right workout regimen in between, finding the right program is indeed crucial. With all the reviews and the rave posts about it, the kayla itsines bikini body guide is one workout regimen that may be what a try, If you are not that sure though whether this is going to be right for you, do more research about it and what its supposed benefits to you are would be very important.

This particular body guide is quite ideal for these women that are wanton to achieve a great looking body for those that have been having a hard time shedding off those extra kilograms despite the efforts that they have been exerting, this is one workout routine that may just help you get the ideal look that you have always wanted. For those women that have been trying to find a routine that works and one that is just not only going to look good in theory, this is one program that has been tried and has been tested by many others before.

It works

If you are ever interested in starting a workout routine, you do want to hear about the things you can expect off of it you cannot be really motivated with a program when it does not give you any clear view with the results are going to b. With this BBG workout, you can expect that it works and it works well. The feedback coming from actual people that have tried it out before are clear indications that this is one routine that many others have had the chance to test out before and have found it to be a disappointing choice.

It is safe

Before you will try out any workout routine you have to always ask yourself first whether it is not only beneficial to you, but also whether it is going to be safe as well. You need to be sure that this one reliable solution to your weight loss goals while at the same time, ensuring that your wellness and safety is not going to be jeopardized as you go, thug, the session.

One will find that the regime introduced by the workout program is actually quite easy. The challenge lies on the endurance of the person is going through it since every workout routine has to be performed in seven minutes. But where safety is concerned, it is a pretty safe choice to go for.

It is structured

You are not going to feel at a loss when you go through the kayla itsines bikini body guide. Every workout routine that is introduced is done to ensure that specific area of the body is going to target. This is not just working out that you are going for. Instead, what you are trying to achieve here is something that borne out of a structured program that is expected to get you the result that you want or the specific parts of your physique that you want o focus on and improve.